Realizing I don't share too many "real" moments with you guys. Full stories. I'm not much of a writer but I'll do my best to not bore too many of you ;) Might be easier to write about these weddings that are near & dear to my heart. Its been a pretty crazy experience getting to know my clients, who now most of them are my close friends. So here is blog post number one... I will be sharing weddings & sessions that are my pride & joy!

First off, Dana & Vince... These two are something else. I knew throughout the whole booking process that these two were my kind of people. I got to get pretty close with these two since the get go. From driving 2 hours into Rocky Mountain National Park for their engagements, Dana's boudoir session in my room, their wedding day, & then their day after session (which I will be sharing soon) at RMNP. It was so, so clear to me that these two were head over heals for each other. They have that love that everyone dreams of, ya know. That one of a kind sweet, sweet love. & seeing everyone on their wedding day supporting their marriage was clear proof these two were meant to be together. Thank you Dana & Vince for showing me what true love it & inviting me to some of the most intimate moments of your lives.

Enjoy -