About Me


About Me



Hey, I'm Lindsey

 20 something year old

Michigan native, residing in Denver

Living for warm summers & cherishing cozy winter days

Plant hoarder

Shopping addict

Obsessive cat mom

Adventure seeker


World traveler

Morning person

Music over TV gal

Concert goer





Why photography?


Photography is something that’s just always clicked with me. In high school, not only did I take every art class that I possibly could, but I also took all my friends’ senior photos *which are probably so embarrassing now.* When I got out of high school, I started shooting weddings with my friend Shannon & was surprised to find myself enjoying them a lot more than I thought I would. When I moved to Colorado in 2013, I started working on the mountain and dropped photography for a bit. It was freaking amazing, but, as the ski bum life was wearing off, and I was looking for something new, photography started to pick back up again. Working full time in the mountains while trying to run a photography business quickly became too much. Nervous as hell, in 2016, I decided to move to Denver and finally plunge into wedding photography full time, aaahhh! 


I’m now going into my third year of shooting weddings full time. To see where it’s taken me already, has me soooo stoked for what’s to come. I think *one* of my favorite things about this career is all the relationships I've built throughout everything. I end up staying in touch with most of my clients, some of which, I see and talk to on a regular basis. It’s pretty rad. It’s a bit ironic that I ended up in the wedding industry, because I personally don’t think I'll ever have a wedding… BUT there's just something about a wedding day that gets me. It's not often that you can be surrounded by that many people, all in a good mood, celebrating love. I most certainly cry at every wedding *usually during the father daughter dance.* I am grateful beyond measure & will never take this crazy, jet setter, photo taking life for granted! *thank you dad for my very first camera & thank you high school friends that let me take really shitty senior photos of you*


What its like to work with me

What its like to work with me


Iceland 2016, shooting Kimmy & Seb on some mossy lava

So when i asked my past brides what its like to work with me, this is what i got...

In the words of Tippy Birkholz -

"On the wedding day you’re already super nervous, and then add not wanting to be in front of a camera (I am also not a PDA girl, it’s not my thing), but you made us feel comfortable and have almost a calming presence. You weren’t rushed or nervous about getting the shots and that allowed us to relax a lot.  I do like how you incorporate pics of yourself into your Instagram because I felt like I knew your personal style and just knew that you “got it” and were cool haha that sounds so dumb, but I knew you’d capture the shots I was looking for and weren’t old school or traditional...So many girls on Instagram doing photography all do the same thing and have super corny ultra girly captions (also not me, I’m the girl who didn’t want a wedding shower or anything) and you just beat to your own drum - and it shows in your work. There is an aspect of moodiness to your work that is applied in all the right ways. Hard to put into words, I just know it when I see it lol. Basically you aren’t a basic single white female"

From Dana Whisker -

"Oooohhhhh girl, working with you was such a treat. I had fun with you from the beginning! It was so fun to share outfit ideas, location spots, inspiration photos etc for all our photo sessions. I knew when Vince and I chose you to shoot our photos we would be getting a photographer but we didn't realize how helpful you would be along the way - sometimes you need another sounding board and you were just that! You are creative, genuine, and there is no simpler way to put it besides you just love what you do and it shows. Having you be so relaxed and in your element while shooting just let Vince and I be ourselves in front of the camera. So thank you for that, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the photos: engagement, boudoir, wedding & day after wedding (SO MANY GOODIES). Vince and I will cherish them forever. Love you Girlfriend! - Dana"


My assistant, Lindsay, catching me mowing down on some za while some maids get ready

From Katie Hellrung *that is me eating pizza at her wedding in the photo above* -

"You know the friend who knows what you’re thinking based on the face you make? That’s you for all things wedding. You’re intuitive and helpful without being pushy. You knew what I wanted before I did. And, for anyone who’s planned a wedding, one less decision makes such a difference. You were always on my side and looking out for things I didn’t even realize I needed to think about. You were prepared but also spontaneous. Plus, every vendor was excited to work on my wedding because that meant amazing photos of their work would be taken by you. Even though your photos made me look natural, it certainly wasn’t anything close to normal to play model for the day. Your direction and guidance made me feel comfortable and a lot less anxious about the most nerve wracking day of my life. You reminded me to stay in the moment and that it was my day. You made sure I was breathing and ate. Your job description may say “photographer”, but you do so much more."


& you may or may not get a random selfie in your gallery..

Vince, Dana's husband, wanted to add a male perspective -

"Dana was feverishly searching for the right photographer at the outset of our wedding planning. It might have even been the day after we were engaged.  Not just someone who can capture a moment, but someone that we enjoyed spending our time with. I remember Dana being elated that you were available for our date and that she was infatuated with your photos. Being this early on in the wedding planning process, my head was swimming in all the details, however, your skills really jumped out. I did not have the opportunity to meet you until we embarked on our couple hour trek up to Rocky Mountain National Park. During the drive, I felt instantly comfortable and the conversation flowed easily. Our Engagement session was a breeze and day was over before my smile could hurt. Even stumbling down the trail from Dream Lake, in the dark, and each of us falling down a few times was a blast. Fast forward to our Wedding Day, August 20th, and you being the consummate professional. Each moment was well planned - from our first look, to photos with our families and wedding party, to the event itself, you did a phenomenal job making sure to capture each moment while letting us enjoy time with all of the special people on our day. We were even lucky enough to return to RMNP for a day after shoot, which produced some of the most breathtaking photos I have ever seen (I am biased, but they speak for themselves). You come with the most glowing recommendation from Dana and I - at the end of all of this, you are our friend. We cannot wait for more opportunities to take photos with you, as well as watching you continue to thrive as an excellent photographer and human being."

When the bride finishes getting ready early & wants photos with you 





We found Linds on instagram and loved her style of photography! We had a phone conversation to get to know each other and we knew it was a great fit. She is so talented and were beyond pleased with our photos. She captured our day in the most beautiful and natural way. Not to mention she was so fun to work with! We will cherish the photos for years to come and would love to use her again as our family expands in the future!
— Kortni Benson
I Instagram stalked Lindsey for almost a year before I finally had the opportunity to use her for our maternity photos. Her style was exactly what we were looking for. We wanted something that was not the traditional cliche maternity photos. Good lord did she deliver. I can honestly say that our maternity photos are some of the best photos we have had taken. Our time with Lindsey was spent laughing, she made us feel so comfortable and a very pregnant girl feel gorgeous. I only wish I could go back in time and have her do my wedding photos too!
— Ashley Gracis
Lindsey is simply as good as it gets when it comes to all forms of photography. I am SO happy & grateful I found her to shoot our wedding day in Colorado. Our wedding photos are out of this world and I cannot imagine trusting anyone else to capture our day. Her photos are so much more than a picture. Her ability to capture a mood, feeling, and moment cannot be taught - it is raw God given talent and what sets her apart from other photographers. We will have her capture all of our big life moments, even if we have to travel to Colorado from Minnesota to do so. Aside from being immensely talented, she is down to earth, professional, confident, and easy going. You will never regret choosing Lindsey to capture your day. Book her now.
— Tippy
My husband and I were so fortunate to have been referred to Lindsey by a mutual friend and that she was willing to travel to Michigan for us. Within the first five minutes of meeting Lindsey for our engagement photos she went from a stranger to a friend. We were both insecure about being in front of a camera, but she guided us through everything and made things feel so natural and comfortable. She was great at checking in throughout the engagement and was willing to give her expert advice about anything we needed her input on. She definitely exceeded our expectations and I honestly don’t know what I would have done without her throughout the planning process. This lady is just overall amazing and so talented. We are so thankful she was the one to capture the best day of our lives for us, and beautifully at that!
— Courtney Wroblewski
Mike and I live in Omaha, NE and were planning a wedding in Breckenridge, CO. When we saw Lindsey’s portfolio online we were very impressed and loved her style. After talking to her on the phone we knew she would be a perfect fit for us.

We did not meet Lindsey until the day of the wedding but it was like we already knew her. Lindsey was extremely personable and made everyone comfortable while snapping tons of AMAZING photos! Along with plenty of bridal party/family photos, she made sure Mike and I were taken aside to have our own special bride/groom shoot. Overall it was a wonderful experience and we cannot imagine a better photographer for our big day!

Lindsey quickly returned hundreds of incredible photos that perfectly captured every moment of our day. As a special touch, Lindsey included a playlist alongside the slideshow that literally brought us to tears. The photos are very high resolution and print out gorgeously.

Thank you so much Lindsey! We will forever be grateful for how beautifully you captured our most cherished memories!

You Rock!
<3 Mike & Kori
— Kori Hollins
Lindsey was absolutely amazing to work with and is so beyond talented for such a young photographer! I am originally from Miami and decided to do an impromptu engagement shoot in Breck while we were there on vacation. Not only did she accommodate us last minute but she spent so much time with us and then gave us so many options for edited photos with a quick turn around! I wish she lived in miami so I could hire her for all my life events! You have to hire this girl! Thank you for the most incredible photos I absolutely love them !!!!
— Simone Weissman
She recently took our engagement pictures and let me say, this woman is AWESOME! She is very down to earth and makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. Also, her pictures are incredible! The natural lighting makes a huge difference. As far as I’m concerned, she’s one of the best. Thanks, Lindsey!
— Tiffany Holden

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